We love to see our children, of all ages, be a real, active and meaningful part of our congregation, and to support them as they journey with Jesus. For our intermediate children (years 7 and 8 at school), we have two programmes running each week.


The Beachlands Intermediate Group (BIG) meet on Fridays from 6pm – 7.30pm at the church for a fun time of crazy games, relationship building and learning about God. This overlaps slightly with our youth group, and is run with the same general flavour and by the same awesome leaders. Anyone in this general age group is very welcome! Occasionally we’ll have off-site activities like rock climbing or trips to
the hot pools. Contact Lisa and Fonz for more information on BIG Fridays.

Contact Meg for information on the Sunday programme, or Lisa and Fonz for information on Friday’s events. Also, check out the term schedule for Fridays and Sundays.


On Sunday mornings, during the church service, there’s a bit of variety. Through the term, we run some small groups sessions, where intermediates get together during the service to learn about God and delve a bit deeper into the Word and what it means for them. We also want to support them to develop their learning and serving “muscles” and think about their role and their calling in God’s family. As such, we will encourage them to sit in the main church for some of the messages, particularly when we have interesting guest speakers, we’ll put them on a roster to support and learn about some of our other Sunday ministries, like helping with the younger kids, or serving teas/coffees or taking up the offering etc., and, along with the rest of the children’s ministries, we will find ways to serve and show Christ’s love to our wider community.


We always need helpers and support, so if you’re in a position to offer some time and energy to help out, in any way, let us know. If you have questions/comments/ideas, please get in touch with Meg, Lisa or Fonz.