“Engage our culture with the never changing gospel”

We exist to“Engage our culture with the never changing gospel”. We achieve this by accepting that the gospel is never changing, but what changes is how we creatively engage with our changing culture to present the gospel.


We believe it is important for faith to be real. Our definition of real is:

R – Relationship is primarily about Jesus and not about us
E – Expressed in a real and authentic way
A – Aiming to let everyone in our community know about Jesus
L – Living together in a real and authentic way, warts and all, recognising no one is perfect.


Beachlands Baptist Church is a member of the Baptist Union of New Zealand and is governed by a team of Elders who are elected at our AGM by those who are formal members of Beachlands Baptist. The Elders are responsible for the overall governance and spiritual oversight of all Beachlands Baptist activities (much like a Board of Trustees governs a school). We fully acknowledge that Jesus is the primary leader of Beachlands Baptist, but on the ground operations are under the direction of our Lead Pastor (Neil Hamilton) who leads and empowers a diverse staff team who in turn are empowered to recruit and equip (Ephesians 4:12) teams of volunteers to undertake all the ministry functions of Beachlands Baptist, making us a grass-roots-up organisation.


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